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D Bishop - From Sin To Sacrifice

Review submitted by Mr. C @MRC_LIVE


There are some in CHH that have made great strides and contributions to the movement. There are others that have talent, connections, or great success and they never let it get to their head.  D. Bishop is that kind of person.  I met him for the first time this past summer at the South River Family Festival in South River, NJ.  This young man is down to earth, loves God, and truly loves people.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak to him about this album "From Sin To Sacrifice".  How time flies, as this project is here, and I am ready to put it under my microscope.  Let's get into it:


Ministry 5.0


This album is extremely ministry heavy.  There are fundemental aspects of Christianity mentioned all over this project.  While many artists are word play focused, D Bishop did an excellent job of maintaining the stance that it is not  all about him in any way first, but it is about God, His Son Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost.  One scripture that comes to mind when he expresses himself about God is Genesis 1:3.  This is where our Heavenly Father commanded that there be light, and there was light.  D Bishop knows that the light exists, and had made it his duty on this project to the let the whole world know just that.  I am positive when people lend an ear to his voice and lyrics through Christ, the unsaved will be ready to know more about Jesus.  


Production 4.6


There are some producers you don't want to ignore on this project.  Tony Stone produced most of the tracks.  Man!!!  That brother put in work.  Other producers to mention are K-Drama, who has blazed his own trail in this CHH genre, along with G.Rock, 4sight Sounds, and G Foster.  K-Drama also mixed this album, and D-Maub mastered it.  I guess we will see where some people will be when they put the mic down.  


Tone Stone set the tone nicely with the first two tracks.  I like the strings and the harmony vocals in the songs to start.  There was a variety of influences that was present, such classical, alternative and rock.  The collaborations were solid throughout most of the album.  Natalie Villa, Roslyn Welch, Janisha Adams, Christawn, and Charde' Jones were really outstanding.  They each brought a unique vocal sound that kept you hooked on the songs they were featured on.  Now, don't get me wrong, there was some good MC support as well.  You will like how K-Drama represent on the mic as well on the boards.  You will also like how Mr. DK brings it, keeping the creativity with the Christ Centered intent in his delivery.  I just think the ladies added something extra with their singing.  


Now, there are times when there seemed to be some old school feel.  I would say that there was a moment where he could have lost some of the younger audience for a bit.  Maybe that was by design, but today's youth will not be able to relate to some of the 80's related things Bishop talked about.  


One track that didn't work, in my opinion, is Broken Barriers.  I thought there was a lack of chemistry. These elements did not work well: choice of track, Emcee2's high pitch voice, and D Bishop's sluggish delivery. The song is ministry minded, but just didn't translate into a track that one can enjoy as much as the others. 



Overall, the production of "From Sin To Sacrifice" definitely passed the test.  


Song Quality Radio (SQR) - 3.4


Here we go.  I know this is the catetory you have been waiting for.  This is the section of the review that reflects my view of the amount of hits on the project.  How many songs can I see the listener hitting REPEAT ON?  Well, the obvios ones are "Perfect Pottery" and "Promise Land".  The have become fan favorites from D Bishop. I will give you a few more (but not all because you should get the project to hear them all).  One that should be put on the radar is "My Sacrifice".  This one hits you in the head from the jump.  Others would be "Fully Equipped", "Strength In Struggle", and "Work In Progress".  The tracks mentioned are examples of songs that have tracks produced on a high level, vocals that stand out, dope lyrics/delivery.  


Overall Score: 4.3


I belive that D Bishop and Christ Cornerstone Productions did a great job with the album "From Sin To Sacrifice".  There are musical influences different music lovers to enjoy.  The singing was dynamic, and there were collaborating MC's that helped D Bishop drive the message home.  I will keep it 100.  When I first listened to the album, I thought there were a couple of decent joints, and that was it.  But, listening to it and really letting it soak in, I appreciate what was done on this project.  Saying that, I will challenge D Bishop and the production cast of this project to push the envelope on future projects and be creative in order to avoid sounding dated going forward.  Outside of that, I look forward to hear what is next from D Bishop. 


Artist: D.Bishop 

Project: From Sin To Sacrifice

Label: Christ Cornerstone Productions
Manager: CCP

Release Date: Oct , 2013

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Score: 4.3 out of 5

Reviewer @mrc_live 

Psalm Star - City Bus Chronicles Vol. 1

Review submitted by Mr. C @MRC_LIVE


This young man has been using his gift for the glory of God for a while, using his vocals to make a difference in the lives of others.  The first time I encountered the ministry of Psalm Star was in 2012 on the Ghostbusters Mixtape.  He exploded with power in the song "Nowhere" with the rest of his crew Battleground City.  Now, he is taking an opportunity to step away from the group realm and express his musical talents individually on this project.  Let's go in and see where this project leads us

Ministry: 5
There is strong evidence that Psalm Star is pointing the listener to The Lord.  In the first 3 Chronicle verses that he drops, he testifies how God delivered him from temptations on the streets.  He also points us to the word of God, referencing Jeremiah 29:11(" For I know what I have planned for you, says the Lord").  He provides proof that if you walk in the admonition of the lord, he will keep you from the enemy.  I also like the lyrics of the song "Don't Stop".  In part, he says "Embrace your call it's your destiny".  Psalm Star reminds the listener that each person has a choice and the journey begins with us.

Production: 3.9
This project was pretty solid from a production standpoint.  The musical influence varied, showing touches of Hip Hop, R&B, Classical, and House/Techno.  This shows that Psalm Star was thinking about multiple audiences, and made a great effort to avoid being one dimensional. 

The hip hop element was decent overall, though I think there were times the rhyming could have been better.  I believe there could have been a better effort to be more creative from a lyrical standpoint.  I also believe that the efforts to harmonize weren't too bad. However, if there is uncertainty of direction in that area, it may be best to stay unison. 

Song Quality Ratio (SQR): 2.5
There are definitely some solid songs on this project that are radio ready, having the balance of ministry, musical production, and vocal skill.  One song that really surprised me is "Payton's Room".  This song can definitely reach the youth and help them understand that some of the fun experienced in life can only lead to temporary happiness.  Other songs to note are "Whatcha Say", "It's Your Night", "Don't Stop", and "Heaven In Her Eyes".

Overall Rating: 3.8
City Bus Chronicles Vol. 1 definitely has some very good music on here that can minister, have you nodding your head, and have you feeling good while you are on the move.  I believe Ridge, M.A.C.K, and Nate did a decent job at assisting Psalm Star in conveying his message on this project, but the vocals of Psalm Star stand out all of the more.  I would encourage more of a commitment to all genres of music on future projects, as there was clearly more complete bodies of work with the vocal.  This left me wondering: what more could have been done if there were more verses on some of the cuts?  Overall, I am looking forward to more music from Psalm Star in the future.

Artist: Psalm Star 

Project: City Bus Chronicles Vol 1

Label: Battleground City
Manager: Ryan Larned

Release Date: May  2013

Hometown: Tuscon, Arizona

Score: 3.8 out of 5

Reviewer @mrc_live