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5 Things CHH Women Should Take From Mainstream Female MCs

1-Don't be afraid to collaborate outside your genre

2-Rappers should work on holding a note:

There's nothing wrong with singing a few lines in your songs. This can be great if you can hold a note, if not, no need to worry. There are lots of Youtube videos out there.

3-Be real on and off social media . Share that you are single, married, have a daughter/son, let the fans see you when you're not rapping or singing. This was it won't be a complete shock when they see you make-up-less or without that blue hair and shiny gear on the street or behind the scenes.

4-Build relationships with Djs, bloggers, promoters, etc. We think this is self explanatory. It will set you apart from many who are struggling.

5-Investing. We saved this for last because most don't want to hear that they've got to spend money to make money. They would rather hear that if you connect with the right person, win them over with your music, you'll get an amazing multi-milion dollar contract and go live happily ever after. If this were the case we'd have a whole lot more signed females rappers but it is not. It all starts with you. Invest, say several prayers and work til you get there!


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