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We Are Quarantined N Married?

Just in case you have been under a rock, we're all quarantined and aren't fully allowed to venture outside of our homes without wearing protective gear. It so happens that YHR's founders are living in the state, New York, that has been hit the hardest by the CoronaVirus or Covid-19. Well, as they say, when you are given lemons, why not make lemonade?.

YHR's Serious Voice (@serious_voiceny) and Mr. C (@mrc_live) have decided to dust off their Logitech webcam and create a fun series called Quarantined N Married, breaking down their day to day dealings, ups and downs and those interesting moments that has kept them together. It also features their precocious son JSwagg, on occasion.


Why not take a peak into the lives of the award winning rapper (Serious Voice) and her manager (Mr.C) as they are spending all of their time together. Well, not all, but most. The series will air every Friday on Serious Voice TV via Youtube.


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