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Constant Battle's We Fight Daily

BRAND NEW DAY- REPEAT OFFENDER- “ THOUGHT I WAS A COOL GUY, TOOK ADVANTAGE OF GIRLS/ LIKE PINKY AND THE BRAIN WAS TAKING OVER THE WORLD” This track hits you from the beginning with the hook. The featured artist, Franky Bells, not only sings well, but puts some extra soul on the song. This track has good single potential as it gives us a clear story. We can truly feel pain as he speaks on the errors in life and lifestyle. I love how he allows us to be the “jury” into “hard life that led him to sell hard white”. By the end of the track, you will rule him innocent now because of Christ’s blood and guilty of making a hot track.

Everyday life is like a battle. From the actual act of being born until our last breath, we are in a constant fight for our life. This concept is seen so clearly by Constant Battle with his new EP “We Fight Daily”. With this EP, after the intro, Constant Battle doesn’t waste any time showing us his energetic lyrics. “On our Job” serves as a club banger that also holds us accountable as Constant Battle spits some thought provoking darts. I really like the addition of the spoken word track, “Self Reflection”, which gives us a deeper take on the theme of the EP and a true relationship with God. It gives us a mirror moment of asking if we are stuck in our own spiritual wheelchairs or walking in faith. The title track “We Fight Daily” is the best track that highlights Constant Battle’s flow. This is also another track that has great single potential and is another banger off of the project. Constant Battle also does a great job picking his other features on the EP, Serious Voice (“We Fight Daily”) and Church Boy ( “Old Things Pass”) and the listener can hear their passionate contributions to the project as well.

Overall, this is a good listen. It’s a fun ride and does a great job of exploring and explaining the project’s theme. With that being said/written, staying within the EP’s theme pigeonholes Constant Battle, leaving the listener wanting to hear more from him. In a sense, this sets him up to win over new fans and impress his current fans with his new project. In the end, Constant Battle let’s us know that the battle belongs to the lord and reminds us that our fight to do right will come daily! Spread The Soup!


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